• 1) What type of leather do you use?
    Our products are handmade from genuine leather coming from controlled pastures. The products we sell come from animals that are treated in the very best way and in strict accordance with animal welfare legislation. We take a great care about the quality of the leather we use, and that is why we carefully choose our suppliers. We do not realize anythig using hide coming from protected species. Top
  • 2) How do i find the right case for my device?
    This website is organized into content categories that let you drive down into products to find the one right for you. You can choose here your smartphone or tablet brand and then you can find out the right case wich will fit with it. If you can't find the right item compatible with your smartphone or tablet, please send us an email so that we will be able to do our best to fit your needs. Top
  • 3) I purchased the case but it is too tight
    Did you first verified the right compatibility before your order? In our website you can easily find every possible compatibility. We design each case to shelter a smartphone even covered by a "bumper" (we mean anyway a slim kind of bumper). Nevertheless, during the first days of usage, we recommend to shelter the smartphone in the case without the bumper. Indeed, during the break-in period, the leather adjusts to both the device and the individual habits of the user. Fine leather opens up and stretches over time, creating the ideal form and fit over the device itself. Once it will perfectly fit the device, you can use again your bumper. Anyway, if you can't manage to fit your device in the case, please contact us because maybe an inconvenience occured and we will soon send you the rightest case for you. Top
  • 4) I fear about leather scratches, markings or variation in the colour
    Leather is a natural material and that is why it is obviuosly subject to wear, aging, abrasions, spots, scratches etc..as it usually occures to any other kind of leather products (shoes, bags, belts..). All leather requires care and attention in order to extend its lifetime use and functionality. A natural wasting of leather items is anyway quiet usual. But if deterioration occurs few days after your purchase, please contact us because maybe there's a manufacturing fault. Top
  • 5) Do studs and decorations fall off easily?
    Our products are made to withstand the use they are designed for. Each product is subjected to a strict quality control before being packaged. Anyway, contact us with an email if some inconvenience occurs, and we wil try to figure it out. Top
  • 6) Is it possible to receive a gift box?
    Each item we send to our customers (whether a lether case or a cover for smartphone or tablet) is packaged and shipped in an elegant gift box, decorated with an heart-shaped insert which is handmade by real and fine leather of the highest quality. Top
  • 7) What if there is something wrong with the packaging (broken or damaged)?
    If your order packaging is broken or damaged, please report us the problem and we will fix it as soon as possible. Top
  • 8) I never received my order
    We apologize for the inconvenience. We will soon check out to learn more about the status of your package or if something wrong occured during the shipping. If in 48 hours you will not receive your order, please, contact us again and we will soon send you a new product. Top
  • 9) Your products are too expensive
    Our cases are all handmade of genuine leather by skilled craftsmen; they are "Made in Italy" and internally manufactured through the finest leather of the highest quality. Top
  • 10) Is it possible to personalize the items for my shop? Do you sell also your products to companies?
    Of course. If you are a shop, a corporate or an agency and you wish to stamp your brand, logo or any other kind of personalization on the product - yes you can. Just ask us through mail or by phone when you order your sample and we wil try to do our best to encounter your needs. Top
  • 11) What payment methods do you support?
    We accept credit cards (also a prepayed one), paypal and Cash on Delivery. This website has its own SSL (security) certificate for added security. For any other need, just ask! Send us an email and we will answer you as quickly as we can. Top
  • 12) How long wil it take to receive my order?
    We ship to Italy in 48 hours with GLS/Executive. The estimated delivery time for the other European countries is within 7 business days. Top