About us

The birth of a “Made in Italy” handcrafted product.

Hi, my name is Alessandro.

Hi, my name is Alessandro.
I would like to briefly illustrate the history of my company that corresponds a bit with the history of my life.

The company “Fontanili Alessandro” that bears my name was born in 1993, the first of January, when I was 26 years old. Nevertheless, my passion for leather arose many years before when I used to go to my father’s workshop in order to play with leather remnants.

As the years went by, that pastime became a passion and then a job. But let’s go back to the first of January 1993. My company was born in a part of my home, the easiest choice.

At that time the equipment was already sufficient, but since then it has been improved and moved to a more suitable location. During my first ten years of activity, I worked almost exclusively for a Japanese multinational corporation that commissioned quality items from me.

This customer demanded perfect attention to detail in all products and as a consequence he instilled these values in my activity. As the years pass, my experience is growing and my customer numbers and prestige too. During the last twenty years I have worked with many of the most beautiful and prestigious Italian clothing companies; in the meantime I have kept a simple and well equipped structure necessary to ensure the “Made in Italy” handcrafted product quality. Looking back on my working life, many pleasant memories, emotional moments and sometimes even important awards come to my mind.

But that's not all, it would be too simple; today I smile remembering some warring moments caused by problems that seemed at first insurmountable, but that then were solved in the best way. Let’s talk about today!

Or, it is better to say: let’s talk about May 2013!

Since the need to play with leather hasn’t left me yet, I decided to realize a new product (using my experience) and to take on this last challenge.

BAZZECOLE is born! Created to combine design and quality in a “Made in Italy” handcrafted product.

Thanks for supporting me,
Alessandro Fontanili